Enterprise Culture
     The enterprise culture is to maintain the fundamental business evergreen. Kalun electronic enterprises in the implementation of adjustment, change at the same time, timely reviews of enterprise culture, on the basis of inheritance and innovation, and to extract the"quality reputation service innovation excellence" as the core cultural values.

     Credit: credit as a kind of moral culture, can provide the moral power for the enterprise, with credit for the core values to help establish a good corporate image.

     Quality: quality is the life of enterprise, is the eternal theme of enterprise management, it is also the guarantee to win the benefit of enterprises.

     Service: respect for customers, understanding customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, be customers and partners forever. This is what we have always uphold and promote service concept.

     Innovation: innovation is the soul of enterprise's survival and development, is the power of enterprise development. Innovation can enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, exert their creativity, bring more benefits for enterprises.

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