Precision ring winding machine

LX-1000-9 Belt type endless winding machine

*It is widely used in special products such as open-close mutual inductor, current mutual inductor, zero sequence mutual inductor, three-phase current mutual inductor, ring inductance, etc.

*CNC controller, DC brushless motor and stepping motor are used for precise motion execution, external multi-channel function control can be connected, and the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.


Description of product characteristics:

*It is widely used in special products such as open-close mutual inductor, current mutual inductor, zero sequence mutual inductor, three-phase current mutual inductor, ring inductance, etc.

*CNC controller, DC brushless motor and stepping motor are used for precise motion execution, external multi-channel function control can be connected, and the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.

*According to the needs, change the program to realize multi-function, pause editing, deceleration at both ends, counting method, starting method and other function selection.

*The advanced control circuit has strong anti-interference, overload-overcurrent protection, and adopts switching power supply control to adapt to the working voltage bandwidth.

*The machine can be connected with safe automatic shutdown control, precise angle cable arrangement, photoelectric precise counting and special function requirement setting.

*0-999 sets of step sequence setting storage, matched with DC brushless motor and precision stepping motor, setting positive and negative rotation, cross-slot and sparse and dense wire arrangement.

Technical parameters:

Model No LX-1000-9
Main Motor AC/750W
Spreading Motor 90V(Stepping Motor)
Working voltage 220V-AC
Dimensions L*W*H/MM L/700*W/680*H/750
 Weight/KG 150
LX-1000-9寸 Winding technical parameters
Wire size/ MM  0.15-1.5
Max.Speed  RPM 500
Minimum inner diameter   MM 15
Max outer diameter  MM 150
Max height MM 80

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