Automatic flying fork winding machine

LX-FD1801 Full-automatic single-shaft precision flying fork winding machine

*Widely used in DC brushless fan, air model motor, brushless electric tools, balanced direct drive motor, sweeper, ceiling fan, purifier and other products.

*Motion controller, AC servo motor precise motion execution, touch screen input, multi-channel function control, stable application.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.
Description of product characteristics:
*Widely used in DC brushless fan, air model motor, brushless electric tools, balanced direct drive motor, sweeper, ceiling fan, purifier and other products.
*Motion controller, AC servo motor precise motion execution, touch screen input, multi-channel function control, stable application.
*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.
*According to the need to change the program to achieve multi-function, pause editing, deceleration at both ends, counting method, starting method, speed limit and other function selection.
*The advanced control circuit has strong anti-interference, overload-overcurrent protection, and adopts switching power supply control to adapt to the working voltage bandwidth.
*The machine can be connected with the safe automatic stop control, the position adjustment and follow-up function of the winding axis, and the auxiliary winding point and width position setting.
*Parameter setting and storage, AC servo motor, can easily set forward and reverse rotation, cross slot and precise wire winding.

Technical parameters:

Model No LX-FD1801 LX-FD1802
Spindie number 1 2
Wire sizeMM 0.1-2.0 0.1-1.2
Max.Speed RPM 1000 1000
Main Motor 1000W(Servo Motor) 1200W(Servo Motor)
Index motor 1500W(Servo Motor) 1500W(Servo Motor)
Stator outer diameter MM 100-300 80-200
Spreading Motor 400W(Servo Motor) 400W(Servo Motor)
Spreading Width MM 100MM 100MM
Product pole 2-36 2-36
Woring pressure kgf/cm 4月6日 4月6日
Working voltage 220V-AC 220V-AC
Weight KG 300KG 350KG
Dimensions L*W*H /MM L/1000*W/900*H/1500 L/1000*W/1100*H/1500
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