Fully automatic equipment series

LX-888 Full-automatic winding machine for thick wire magnetic ring with small inner hole

* Widely used in power transformers, common mode choke and other special products.

*It adopts motion controller, AC servo motor and stepping motor to execute precise motion, and external multi-channel function control can be connected, thus the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.


Description of product characteristics:

* Widely used in power transformers, common mode choke and other special products.

*It adopts motion controller, AC servo motor and stepping motor to execute precise motion, and external multi-channel function control can be connected, thus the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.

*According to the need to change the program to achieve multi-function, edge winding, automatic loading and unloading, precision wire arranging, thread end processing, complete the magnetic ring with small inner hole and thick wire diameter.

* Advanced control circuit has strong anti-interference and overload-overcurrent protection. Switching power supply is adopted to control and adapt to working voltage bandwidth.

*The machine can be connected with safe automatic shutdown control, precise angle cable arrangement, photoelectric precise counting and special function requirement setting.

Technical parameters:

Model No LX-888
Main Motor 750W(Servo Motor)
Spreading Motor 400W(Servo Motor)
Working voltage 220V-AC
Dimensions L*W*H/MM L/1700*W/1500*H/1750
 Weight/  KG 800
Winding technical parameters
Wire size/ MM  0.1-2.5
Max.Speed/RPM 100
Minimum inner diameter/MM 2
Max outer diameter/ MM 60
Max height / MM 50

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